I looked into the mirror

Beholding the appearance of a reproduction of my cuerpo.

She smiled wickedly as it seemed and asked me, ” Who are You?”

I stood with eyes opened wide as an owl approached fast with death,

Threw back the question to her fiercely, “ Who are You too?”. She was muted instantaneously.

I stood before my reproduced cuerpo wondering the conversation we had initially.

Mmmmm….But I thought I knew who I was.

But I thought I was that dark coloured fine lady with those flappy ears and the seemingly small ears. 

The Lady all glorious in her shell with those thick lips and her body shaped as the roses in the fields of the Bulgarian Rose Valley

But I thought that was me until the reproduction of my cuerpo smiled again, this time around she got me in the waters of curiosity.

She asked, ” Who are You?”

What the heck do you mean? I wondered. I stood with my jaw opened wide, trying to assimilate the meal of question  she placed before me.

Then I heard a voice embalmed in a sound from heaven as of a rushing mighty wind, cool my troubled spirit. The sound echoed deeply in my spirit as the depth the oceans thundered with a tsunami. I felt refreshed

I went back in awe, astounded with an illumination and an in depth understanding about my personality.

“You are the image of God glorified, sanctified and anointed for a divine manifestation on earth. You can’t fail us”. The voice said. 

What could be this voice? I pondered in my heart. I knew imminently that it was the Sweet HolySpirit.
Doxa 💫✨

#DoxalinaSeries #Part1


Author: mariandoxa

I'm an anomalistic writer! My writings carry life.

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