My heart skipped a moment!!! 

I looked again and again and again – three consecutive times did I look into the mirror before me. 

I was surprised as Miss Surprise.

I never looked like what the HolySpirit told me. Did I?

I never looked like that image of God glorified, sanctified and anointed for a manifestation or whatever next He could have said. Did I? 

Wait!! Did He lie to me or perhaps he just unveiled the truth to me? 

That hidden truth about who I am?

That hidden truth about who Abba had made me?

That hidden truth my soul’s being longing for as the deer, longing for the waters.?

I thought so loudly as the war drums beaten before an assembly of soldiers readily prepared for the Red-rider, the artifacts in my room couldn’t help but dance along in joy. What could this be? 

I knew the HolySpirit wasn’t a liar. I knew He is my helper. I had to battle with my sentiments and wimps

Finally, I accepted the reality of the illumination I had received from the HolySpirit.

I came into conclusion,

That I may not look like it

But I am it.

The I AM had spoken.

Low self-esteem had consumed me from the inside out. I guess I was enchanted by the magic of a low self-esteem, until I found out the carnage it was causing me. 

A prematured carnage indeed!

Thank God that I’m freed as a bird out of the snare of the Fowler,

I am who God says I am,

I am what He says I am, and

I can do what He says I can do!
It’s a no more to a low self-esteem



Author: mariandoxa

I'm an anomalistic writer! My writings carry life.

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